Friday, February 26, 2010

Shoe Porn: edition 2.0

Waiting for the lovely Ritika to show up (traffic, they all say), the patient artiste Kunal took these shots that have only aggravated an acute case of shoe lust. Giuseppe Zanotti and me shooting the breeze inside multi-designer store Muse… Only a giant slice of Oreo cheesecake could have made this better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shoe porn

Lakmé Fashion Week teasers are spilling out of the closet. Turns out shoemakers Tresmode, one of the official sponsors, will match their footwear with runway designs, including Anand Kabra’s deviously stunning creations. The best part - The shoes will be officially launched in stores as part of their resort line. Book your stiletto now…

Doesn’t the brown one look suspiciously like a particular Gucci Spring/summer 2009 heel popular with the Bollywood brigade…

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Althea, my gorgeous techno freak (sorry boys, she’s taken) in our first ever style post. The idea was to take one dress and take it from the corporate to club, with a dinner date thrown in. Colour code- black, white and summery coral


Twisted waist belt (Rs 950 Mango)

Coral snakeskin shoes (Rs 4390 Nine West)

Dinner date

Black biker jacket (Rs 4250 Mango)

Sky high snakeskin heels (Rs 3290 Mango)

Clutch bag (Rs 3690 Mango)

Necklace (Nine West)


Practical heel shoes (Rs 3990 Nine West)

Black quilted bag (Rs 2350 Mango)

Waistcoat (Rs 2350 Mango)

Gold clasp bangle (Mango)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First step

From bashing celeb dressing choices to finally doing something constructive for a change. Day after day, we will play with that classic black dress or a so-haute pair of trousers and give you styling options that could come from your own wardrobe. Preppy, chic, punk or corporate, it’s a fashion democracy here. An online style guide, an excuse to play dress up with clothes you might actually be able to afford. It’s a work in progress and hopefully we’ll make sense.