Monday, March 1, 2010

Madness at Muse

Madness at Muse, starring the classic white shirt, femme fatale Ritika and Kunal photo genius. Despite rain, storms and Mumbai traffic, our photo shoot triumphed. Kunal, that's the last time you'll ever be allowed into the womens changing room... hope you enjoyed it.

Corporate queen
White shirt - Lecoanet Hemant (Rs 2,700)
Jacket- Arjun Saluja (Rs 11,960)
Black wide-legged pants- Gayatri Khanna (Rs 5,200)

Girls night out
Gold skirt - Annamika Khanna (Rs 13,200)
Breakthrough bag by Aki Narula (Rs 2,000)

Walk of shame- Slipping out the door the next morning before your boyfriend's mother finds out

Tube tie-dye dress - Nitin Bal Chauhan (Rs 17,735)


  1. love the gayari khanna pants..any scope of a robbery here?

  2. the pants were so long, they were trailing on the floor. but oh soooo comfy

  3. Do something for plus size ppl! XL is the word! :)